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Building Product Awareness:

  • Launches
  • Messaging
  • Press releases
  • Strategic Placement
  • User Stories
  • White Papers

Building - Reinforcing The Corporate Brand

  • Who you are' messaging
  • Value proposition
  • Competitive Landscape analysis/ perception audits
  • Company-level press releases
  • Analyst relations

Social Media- Grass Roots Approach To Wide Spread Awareness

  • Blogs
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization/ Search engine marketing
  • Press release search optimization
  • New media-friendly news rooms
  • Podcasts - Audio/ Video
  • EON- Enhance Online News
  • Competitive and me-me monitoring and response

Channels: Penetrating Sales Channels With PR

  • Vertical market media relations
  • Trade media relations
  • Event support
  • Trade Show Strategy and Journalist Interviews

Business Media- Telling Your Story To The Business Press

  • Industry trend pitching
  • Roundtable meetings
  • Editorial Visits
  • PR IR integration

Creative- Marketing And Creative Services

  • Identity creation (logo, stationery, letterhead)
  • Corporate/ Product brochure development
  • Website development
  • Presentation development

Communications Agency- Full Services Include

  • Profile raising services
  • Media relations
  • On and offline communications
  • Direct marketing
  • Brand Control
  • Comprehensive campaigns for PR, Media relations, etc

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