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Who We Serve

What do you have to offer the market? CJC Strategists can develop and seed virtually any product or service for you or your company. We shine in high-end luxury products & services, technology-based and publishing organizations.

Our emphasis: interior design, luxury home building-design-architecture, IT hardware and systems development. Our clients: designers, luxury home-builders, architects, jewelers, scientific, optical, and communications industries. We especially embrace the growing areas of luxury property development, home-design, interior-design, consumer electronics, and digital imaging applications. See some past and current clients.

We consult on a wide range of marketing communications (MARCOM) and distribution possibilities for our clients, too. Our strategic marketing, public affairs activities and vertical digital-strategies deliver all the appropriate materials for effective corporate-branding-id, public relations and integrated viral communications' campaigns, including the optimized results-driven press release. Our extensive resources also can produce any marketing communication-digital or traditional collateral you may need and we can produce these materials for any media, including print, video, audio podcasts and websites.

A full service communications consultancy with expertise and proven results you so richly deserve. That's CJC Strategists. To tell us more about your specific promotional needs and how we might fulfill them contact us at: info@cjcstrategists.com

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