CJC Strategists

About CJC Strategists

CJC Strategists is a Manhattan-based integrated digital marketing, communications, public affairs, & branding consultancy.

The consultancy specializes in creating SEO-optimized content for digital & mobile marketing, communications, national & international brand identity campaigns across evolving media channels. Utilizing cutting-edge SEO/ SEM, 2.0, social media and networking tools, delivering exceptional 'Critical Path Strategic Positioning and Messaging,' (CPM).

As an analyst he reports on socioeconomic affects of digital disruption and shifting technology paradigm on the visual, artistic, media, publishing, communications, electronics & business communities.

Experts in creating mind share-thought leadership programs for our client's international branding messages-B2B & B2C-while maintaining a holistic view of a company's brand through all media channel platforms. CJC ensures consistent-optimized marketing content messaging across multi-tier niche markets while creating 'critical path' components. Expertise includes: content creation, integrated global social media policy, communications, public relations, branding and identity programs/campaigns to position or re-position a company as the definitive leader in specific target markets for lead-generation and sales.

CJC Strategists' team implements integrated optimized traditional & social media communications' strategies for companies' international branding ID campaigns.

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